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Payroll is the process by which employers pay an employee for the work they have completed. Any business with employees should have a payroll process established; payroll is often the largest expense for a business. An effective and efficient payroll process will ensure that employees are paid accurately and consistently, keeping them satisfied with this aspect of employment and allowing HR to focus on other areas.

HR & Payroll Management


Best Suited For: Garments, Hospital, Industry, Corporate Office and any others organization.


Used Technology: PHP, MYSQLI, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML-5, CSS/CSS3, Bootstrap Adobe Photoshop CS5


Core Modules:

1. Employee Personal Information

2. Attendance & Leave Management

3. Payroll

4. Loan & Bonus

5. PF Deduction & Tax


Module Features:

HR Management:

  • Employee general information including photo, , Address, Educational Information(More than one), Experience Information(More than one)
  • Employee recruitment panel
  • Option to create appointment, resignation, salary increment and promotion letter
  • Employee allowance setup
  • Individual employee and common salary increment for whole organization
  • Employee ID card generator
  • Report- General employee list with details
  • Daily/monthly/yearly-Promotion, new appoint and terminate employee sheet
  • Option to search employee by several criteria like department, district, sex, religion, blood group etc
  • PF Deduction
  • Tax Deduction

Attendance and Leave Management:

  • Company login and log out time setting
  • Define days-off (weekends and specific holidays).
  • Shift and time configuration
  • Shift wise over time configuration
  • Roster management
  • The system allows capturing data from any time recording device like proximity, biometric.
  • Option to put manual attendance department or single employee
  • Create/edit/delete leave types relevant to your organization like Casual Leave, Earn Leave, Sick Leave , Maternity etc
  • Allow employees to apply for leave application. Admin may approve or reject leave application.
  • Daily attendance report all department, any department and single employee
  • Absent, present, late and leave report all department, any department and single employee
  • Department and employee status report by any periodic date range
  • Early Out/ Late Out Report all department, any department and single employee
  • Manage all employee timesheets report Daily/Weakly/Monthly/Yearly
  • Late Present Report (When anyone punch 12pm show status late present) all department, any department
  • Leave status report all department, any department and single employee

Payroll Management:

  • Salary month setup
  • Monthly salary generate with pay slip
  • Bonus setup in specific month
  • Advance and loan management
  • Terminate employee salary generate
  • Bonus sheet
  • Advance and loan sheet
  • Employee bank info
  • Employee salary structure
  • Salary loan

User Management:

  • Create new user
  • User privilege setting
  • Change user password


  • Company Information setting
  • Division Setting
  • Department setting
  • Section Setting
  • Position Setting
  • Schedule  Setting
  • Employee Grade setting
  • Educational qualification setting
  • District Setting
  • Religion setting
  • Allowance setting


  • Employee Information Report.
  • Shift info.
  • Daily in/out Report.
  • Daily Absent, Present & Leave Report.
  • Daily Late Report.
  • Daily OT Report
  • Daily Movement Report.
  • Daily Missing Out Time(Punch Missing) Report.
  • Daily Location Wise OT & in/out time Report.
  • Daily Summary OT Information.
  • Daily Summary Attendance Information.
  • Monthly Absent, Present & Leave Report.
  • Monthly Late Report.
  • Monthly Over time Report.
  • Monthly Job Card.
  • Leave information
  • Leave Balance
  • Increment Information
  • Salary Sheet & Salary Slip Report.
  • Basic Salary Information+OT Report.
  • Attendance Bonus.
  • Festival Bonus.
  • Friday Allowance.
  • Pension Polycy.
  • Provident Found
  • Bank Salary With Tax Information.
  • Monthly Salary Expenses Statements
  • Monthly Bank Statement.